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We exist to create youth led businesses that are local, sustainable and purpose-driven ABOUT USWHAT WE DO

Be part of creating a better future while giving back to the community

SOUL provides the opportunity for you to be part of setting up and running new businesses – you learn from it – you can even create a job  for yourself!

Become a SOUL Intern, be a commercial volunteer , become a business team member or a SOUL mentor – join us to make a difference and create something new!

We know that life sucks at times…
– SOUL offers complimentary supports
so you are set up to succeed!

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What We Do

We  run businesses that provide work based learning for youth, generate and create jobs and give back to the community! You can come along, get involved, be part of a business and learn how to be successful in a work environment;  you get to apply your skills and knowledge while learning from what you do!


Soul Recruitment

Soul Recruitment is all about youth creating and finding opportunities for other youth. We aim to create a commercially viable business. That leads to job creation – we work with local business to make it happen!

Soul Community

Soul Community is a value-add alternative current providers in the community. We offer opportunities to deliver a service in the community while driving job creation!

SOUL Gardens & Lawn

Soul Gardens and Lawns make lawn maintenance affordable for people in our community – it is not only an affordable option it generates real employment opportunities for our team members.

SOUL Food & Catering

We offers options and alternative to catering businesses in our area. We also want to provide convenient, nutritional and ‘value for money’ meals – still we create jobs for youth!

SOUL Sales & Marketing

Creates opportunities for Not for Profits and Community Service Providers to grow their business to provide value for money options to grow revenue. We continue to create ways to employ local youth.

SOUL Events Management

It is about creating real events that add value to our community. We aim to continuously develop events in the region that attract people all the while creating jobs for our young people!

Soul Health & Well-being

We provide great options to people in our community who may not normally afford it – we target aged pensioners, single parents and people who could genuinely benefit – at affordable costs.  What we do creates jobs for young people.

Designed to provide focus, and to deliver exceptional results; for youth & for the community.

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